'You look amazing': 'The View' host Ana Navarro stuns fans with sequin black pants at White House Christmas party
On Instagram, Navarro posted a photo of herself and others at the party, along with insights into the White House decorations

WASHINGTON, DC: During the weekend, Ana Navarro, host of 'The View,' was present at a White House Christmas party themed 'Magic, Wonder, and Joy.' Navarro, accompanied by her best friend Lee Schrager, showcased her shimmery black pants at the event.

On Instagram, Navarro posted a photo of herself and others at the party, along with insights into the White House decorations.

However, Navarro's fans were less focused on the magical decor and more on 'The View' host's outfit.

Ana Navarro poses at the White House party

Standing in front of the White House Christmas tree, 'The View' host Ana Navarro wore an all-black ensemble and shared, It’s a pinch-me-moment every single time. Going through the doors of the @whitehouse always leaves me in awe of the majestic beauty and history.

At no time is it more beautiful than Christmas. Everywhere you look, there are colorful, whimsical displays, she added.

She continued, “This year, @flotus picked the theme of 'Magic, Wonder, and Joy.' The decorations were designed to capture the delight & imagination of seeing Christmas through the eyes of children.

Ana further added, It brought out the kid in all of us. And it’s so great to have seen friends from government & the media, and James, a White House butler who I’ve befriended during my visits there.”

“The White House staff make all of us feel welcome and special. I ❤️’d sharing it all with my best friend, @leeschrager, whom I gave strict instructions not to touch anything or steal napkins, this year. It’s the first time in my life, I wear sequin pants, she went on to say.

Outfit put together by @frantaylorstyled. ….I felt like Latina Liza Minelli. ???,” concluded Navarro as she spoke about her outfit briefly.

Fans can’t keep their eyes off Ana Navarro

The host of 'The View' leaves fans stunned with her sequin pants and black outfit at the White House Christmas party.

One fan commented, “Those pants are cute girl!”

Another wrote, “White House looks beautiful and you were rocking those pants, Ana!”

“You look stunning in this outfit ?,” commented one fan and another wrote, “You look amazing, I love your pants!”

Navarro’s fans continued to swoon over her outfit as one fan wrote, “You should def (sic) wear sequin pants more ?.”

One more said, “You are really rocking those pants but you always look amazing!”

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